Dear friends, some hopefully enlightening news in these dark times: 
I can finally show my new film AI IS THE ANSWER – WHAT WAS THE QUESTION, this Wednesday at UNDERDOX Filmfestival Munich. Very happy about it, since all other festivals refused this film.

Film starts at 6:30pm, but be aware, space is limited for the obvious reasons. I’m curious about discussing the question of how to show today’s late capitalism. Some thoughts about it here: and here:

Finally, here is a trailer: and HKW Berlin will screen the film in April 2021, I’ll keep you updated. Whoever is interested in seeing the entire film, just drop me a line and I can provide a link. 

I’m also happy to share with you my attempt to sing Schubert, Schumann and Eisler, intervowen with texts by Jelinek, Heine, Marx, Kafka and Heiner Mueller. Steirischer Herbst made it possible!

It was an honor to participate in a book by the great architect Anne Lacaton. “Qualities of Inhabiting” shows how political housing is, and it really is a rare example in this capitalist world:

One more thing: Since, as you might know, the sudden death of David Graeber, people are gathering in his memory. Yesterday, in Berlin, in two very different settings:

I hope you are all well!