In their transdisciplinary project, artist duo KREUSER/CAILLEAU explores the imagery and sounds of money.

When and how does a piece of paper or an artwork acquire an exchange value? How is its value determined and put into practice? Although we live in a globalized world and economy, local history, traditions, approaches and interpretations of exchange are different. What can be summed up with „exchange“ in English requires many different words in German: Austausch, Umtausch, Eintausch, Abtausch. What they all have in common is a given or to be determined relation to a value. How do we define that value, what’s the exchange rate? How does value look like in artistic practice? How does it sound?

KREUSER/CAILLEAU is a duo project of German composer Timo Kreuser and French filmmaker Guillaume Cailleau. Their fetish is approaching objects as containers of different functions. By ignoring the primary features of things, and instead focusing on the potential of the object itself as a sonic and visual stimulator, meaning gets molded into new contexts and the original understanding of it is undermined.


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This tune without a title, just showing the instruction ‘Nostalgically’, was composed by British Polymath George Spencer-Brown. It is to be found in his book “Löwenzähne – A Lion’s Teeth” (Bohmeier Verlag) and is interpreted for the first time here by Manfred Portugall. We want to use it as a part of the soundtrack for the film on GSB, “Universal Man”. This is the first, most ‘pure’ version of it.
An ‘orchestral’ attempt.
The ‘circuit’ version.

This weekend in Berlin, at HAU theater, Christian von Borries and Dieter Lesage are pulling together an evening about politics of the image of rescue. They found a wonderful mix of contributers whom they asked questions, and who are answering in a very diverse manner, reflecting on the format of reflexion itself: Herman Asselberghs, Arno Brandlhuber, Alice Creischer, Georges Didi-Huberman, Tobias Hülswitt, Dieter Lesage, Marie-José Mondzain, Georg Seeßlen, Andreas Siekmann, Oraib Toukan, Ina Wudtke, Tirdad Zolghadr and many more.

The two evenings, Saturday at 7 pm and Sunday at 5 at HAU1, will be similar.

Secondly, a new edition of A BETTER VERSION OF YOU will open in Beijing on March 24 for 9 days, with more stops to come soon to a place near you.

Hope to see you here there!


Adding two of Suleman’s beautiful drawings from his sketchbook here. They’re not part of the exhibition – not yet -, but if you ask him, I’m sure he’ll be showing you his little studio at IVS, with all the research that went into his show.

Suleman's sketchbook 2 Suleman's sketchbook 3

Köln, Philipp von Rosen Galerie

Walter Dahn – Moving Forward in Reverse. Painting on Paper 1972-2015

Opening: January 15, 2016 at 7 pm

Exhibition: January 16 – February 20, 2016

Offizieller Einladungstext:

We are proud to inaugurate – after shows in 2010 and 2012 – on January 15, 2016 with Moving Forward in Reverse. Painting on Paper 1972-2015 our third exhibition with works by Walter Dahn (*1954, lives and works in Cologne). While earlier we had mainly been showing photographs, we now exhibit paintings on paper, that is : watercolors on recycled paper, on stationery, on reverse sides of found papers: flyers, wrappings, envelopes and other used material. For Walter Dahn it is of importance not to use prefabricated drawing or painting-paper. Not because he wants to fight – out of an ideological stance – the possible bourgeois meaning of such material, but rather because technically the found papers allow him to paint better (colors are not sucked in, for instance).
Content-wise the small works deal with the human being, his housing, the landscapes in which he lives, the objects that he deals with. No clear statements can be expected but rather painted poems, atmospheres, vibes, that can be understood and experienced, but must not necessarily be analized.Comparable works on paper have been collected by the following institutions: Print Department of the Kunstmuseum Basel, Museum for Modern Art, Frankfurt am Main, Museum Weserburg Bremen, Museum Ludwig Cologne, Collection Ringier Switzerland, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.In the course of the exhibition a monograph documenting the exhibited works will be published (by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Cologne) and presented in the gallery. The book is accomplished by poems Walter Dahn found in the estate of his late mother Helene Dahn.
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