KOMPAKT will release a new installment of the highly anticipated & longest series on the label after Total. Pop Ambient 2017 will see the light of day on November 25. It will contain some nice material from genre veterans and a great bunch of new comers. Pop Ambient curator and co-label owner Wolfgang Voigt makes an appearance as remixer, turning the track HAL from electronic-rock-gospel duo SOULSAVERS’ 2015 album ‘Kubrick’ into a voluptuous and immersive sound journey. It’s the cherry on top of a particularly fluffy cake that will prove irresistible to any connoisseur of ambient music.

For the 2017 release, the imprint welcomes Tokyo-based Pop Ambient novice Yui Onodera with his tracks ‘CROMO1’ and ‘CROMO2’, which both serve as opener: a trained musician and architectural acoustic designer by trade, Onodera embeds diverse influences from traditional sound design, film scores, contemporary composition and electro-acoustic experimentation in his work, resulting in intricate drone sculptures and sound skylines.

Any new plans for the coming months and next year?

I have been continuously collaborating with Pjusk and our EP will come out within the year. Also, I have been cooperating on a documentary film about John Cage, which is directed by Markus Heidingsfelder. I am not only composing the soundtrack but try to help in many ways. This project and especially the theme are intriguing. I like his documentary film called A Kind of Architect, in which he focused on Rem Koolhaas. The film gave me so much inspiration.

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Thanks, Yui! Please find the full interview, in which he talks about the Japanese and European music scenes, the relationship between music and architecture, his influences etc. here: http://www.tanzgemeinschaft.com/interview-yui-onodera-4006