Peter Thomas at his home in Lugano, January 2020 (Photo: A. Martin)

My friend, master composer and ‘muzikbeater’ (as he called himself) Peter Thomas dies at the age of 94. The photo shows him holding up one of John Cage’s graphic notations (which he interpreted for my new documentary, along with 4’33” – a performance worthy of the great Buster Keaton).

I am sharing one of his last emails to me, where he announces to send me four newly recorded tracks (in his words: “die gegenständliche Antwort”). It shows him as the man he was – as unique as his beautifully-bizarre music. The PS refers to my remark about his Keaton-like performance of 4’33”.

Our plan was to meet more often from now on: “Ab jetzt machen wir die Abstände shorter”. I was very much looking forward to that.

In an interview with him a few years ago – also to be found on this website, he had just turned 88 – I asked him wich drugs he had been taking, beyond alcohol. His answer:
“None. Music is drug enough for me. Beyond alcohol is funny, by the way – I haven’t been drinking a drop for ten years. According to the motto: Youth is drunkenness without wine. But in the afterlife, nobody knows. Maybe I’ll have another glass there.”

Cheers, Peter! Thank you for the music.

Peter Thomas
<> 29.01.2020, 02:29

an mich

Sehr lieber  M a r k u s 

hab viel-lieben Dank für Dein Mail,

Das TOLLE:::als Du mir in LUGANO

/mit Mütze/ gegenüber standest: War so,

als haetten wir uns 2-3 Monde nicht gesehen.

Und d  a  s  

passiert heut nimmer. Ich geniesse es,

ab jetzt machen wir die Abstände

s h o r t e r.

>>> Tutti Paletti <<<


also, Markus,

dies hier vorab,

die gegenständliche Anwort °°°kimmet°°°

fresh aufn >Tesch<

U  n  d  :

mir hat das W e r k e l n mit Dir best-gemundet…..

like °°°SPASS in SPACE——-°°°

Schöne Tage in HH

stets Dein

                        P  e  t  e  r 



Ich freu mich übers  P e t e r  meets 

B u s t e r

Peter Thomas

Via Riviera 28

CH 6976 Castagnola

Tel. 0041-91-972 77 74