Eat your greens: Health Week is around the corner!

The global emergency drew enormous attention to health and the wellbeing of yourself and the people around you. But also regardless of the pandemic it is important to thrive consciously for a healthy life – for you, for fellow humans, fellow creatures of any kind and of course for the planet. 


For this cause we’re offering a variety of interactive program to work on our phsyical and mental health together. We’ll get active, we’ll get creative and we’ll discuss – whether it be by meditating, through numerous sport events or within discussion rounds on Corona.


No-meat-week: During Health Week, our Mensa offers an exclusive menu with a delicious and healthy variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Don’t forget to sign up for your meals and have a look at the special menu here.


There are not only event formats! During the week, you’ll find several surprises that’ll encourage you to get involved, to interact, to reflect and rethink! So stay on the lookout!

Attention all non-German speakers: While all talks and discussions will be in German, you can of course still paricipate in our sport program!

The listening session on Tuesday is held via Zoom. Although we also offer an opportunity to participate at FAB, you can participate from ALL OVER THE WORLD. So also for our students abroad: we’re looking forward to welcome you!


You can sign up for Yoga, Meditation, Social Embarrassment and Organization as well as Rowing via this link.