Last year, when Steffen Roth and I guest-edited a special issue of CHK on ‘Media Effects’, we invited artist Florian Meisenberg to design it. Unfortunately, the editors decided against it. I believe his images would have made quite a difference. Up for you to decide: Here’s his turned-down cover proposal as well as the illustrations affiliated with the texts, so they are not lost to the world. Enjoy!

  1. Foreword (Markus Heidingsfelder)

2. The Mediality of Looseness (Urs Stäheli)

3. Listening to Media in Cultural Theory, Sociology, and Management (Dirk Baecker)

4. Digitality as a Medium of Communication (Achim Broszwieski)

5. Mousing, Swiping, Thinking (Peter Fuchs)

6. New Media and Socio-Cultural Formations (Jan Fuhse)