So proud to be part of this! The Cooler Lumpur Festival celebrates its 7th edition with the theme #SuperCanggih – and I will join them in a ‘John Lennon session’ on the topic of “truth in a post-truth world”. With me on stage: the much admired Kirsten Han, fantastic writer and unbelievably pro-active counter-activist who got the Human Rights Press Award this year for her commentaries on the issue of “fake news” and freedom of expression in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Plus, she’s working very hard to make the death penalty in Singapore a thing of the past. Check out the website of We Believe in Second Chances, a group she is part of:

Here’s more info on our session that will take place next Friday:

It is a part of their free Journalism Campus program (well, free for the most part, only certain workshops have a separate charge for the facilitators benefit) which was inspired by the Berlinale Talent Campus. If you’re a student of Journalism, you should definitely check them out:

And those of you who want to experience the entire festival:

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