So proud to be part of this! The Cooler Lumpur Festival celebrates its 7th edition with the theme #SuperCanggih – and I will join them in a ‘John Lennon session’ on the topic of “truth in a post-truth world”. With me on stage: the much admired Kirsten Han, fantastic writer and unbelievably pro-active counter-activist who got the Human Rights Press Award this year for her commentaries on the issue of “fake news” and freedom of expression in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Plus, she’s working very hard to make the death penalty in Singapore a thing of the past. Check out the website of We Believe in Second Chances, a group she is part of:

Here’s more info on our session that will take place next Friday:

It is a part of their free Journalism Campus program (well, free for the most part, only certain workshops have a separate charge for the facilitators benefit) which was inspired by the Berlinale Talent Campus. If you’re a student of Journalism, you should definitely check them out:

And those of you who want to experience the entire festival:

See also:

With more than 30 diverse line-up of films from around the world, Freedom Film Fest is returning to PJ Live Arts, Jaya One. Happening for one week, from 21 till 28 September, FFF will show the latest award-winning films, highlighting the best of local, regional and international filmmakers. My personal favorite: a beautiful film by Tama Tobias-Macht and Johanna Sunder-Plassmann on homeless persons in Cologne, Germany (my hometown) – “Draußen” (Outside, screening: 22.9., 16:00). FFF offers a multimedia workshop related to the topic (“Storytelling with the Homeless”) on the 26th September that invites soup kitchen volunteers, artists and young filmmakers to converse with homeless people and produce short multimedia narratives that shine a light on their experiences. You can submit your application here:

This tune without a title, just showing the instruction ‘Nostalgically’, was composed by British Polymath George Spencer-Brown. It is to be found in his book “Löwenzähne – A Lion’s Teeth” (Bohmeier Verlag) and is interpreted for the first time here by Manfred Portugall. We want to use it as a part of the soundtrack for the film on GSB, “Universal Man”. This is the first, most ‘pure’ version of it.
An ‘orchestral’ attempt.
The ‘circuit’ version.

Earlier this year, Steffen Roth and I guest-edited a special issue of CHK on ‘Media Effects’. We invited artist Florian Meisenberg to design it. Florian came up with some great ideas – images from his sketch book, ‘found situations’, animation stills etc. I believe his images would have made quite a difference, but it wasn’t meant to be: the CHK team decided for a more conventional solution. ‘Fair enough’ – but why not add his beautiful cover proposal and the illustrations affiliated with the texts to the already existing issue? So here they are.

  1. Foreword (Markus Heidingsfelder)

2. The Mediality of Looseness (Urs Stäheli)

3. Listening to Media in Cultural Theory, Sociology, and Management (Dirk Baecker)

4. Digitality as a Medium of Communication (Achim Broszwieski)

5. Mousing, Swiping, Thinking (Peter Fuchs)

6. New Media and Socio-Cultural Formations (Jan Fuhse)